The very First, Most Innovative, Highly Advanced Hyaluronic Acid Site Enhancement on the Market

MediPhorm or SER Enterprises Inc is NOT responsible for the misuse or improper handling of MediPhorm. MediPhorm should always be used as a TOPICAL treatment ONLY! Any other administrations of MediPhorm are not compliant with MediPhorms instructions and therefore MediPhorm will not be held responsible. MediPhorm does not accept liability for any problems that may occur when using this product. Please use MediPhorm at your own risk! Please refer to the Terms and Conditions Tab for more Information!

We Have Taken the Site Enhancement World by Storm! Check Out Our Stage Proven, Thousands of Customer tested, Tried and True Products we have to offer! We Have Spent YEARS Developing our Original product. We are the Pioneers of this Industry and We will ALWAYS Remain the #1 Site Enhancement with Thousands of Customers in over 50 Countries, and Growing! 


Self Dispersing (freely flows covering most areas completely on its own)

Aqueous (water) based

Lasts up to 12 months with minimal maintenance  

Promotes healing

Promotes cell migration

Far less applications

Far less overall volume

Virtually "dummy proof"



Areas of previous injury

Hard to grow areas

Overall Enhancement


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