Authenticate Products


We would like to Introduce our NEW Authentication system, with security tags located on EVERY SINGLE ITEM SOLD, so YOU never have to worry or question if your products are real!

This became a huge public safety concern for us once we learned there were counterfeits being made, which were mostly in India. We learned of the first attempts at counterfeit products just a couple months prior to implementing this new security system 3/1/2020. We moved immediately to find a state of the art, top of the line security system that CANNOT be counterfeited by anyone. It is IMPOSSIBLE to counterfeit the exact way these security tags work. The tags use our devices NFC sensor with unique codes embedded electronically within each tag that are ONLY compatible with the ZEALSEAL app. DO NOT USE ANY OTHER APP TO SCAN YOUR TAG!!! If someone tells you to use a different app, they are selling you counterfeit products!!! There are other parts to the system that make it the most secure system on the market as well. 

As explained in the video, once the tag is scanned for the first time, you only have 30 minutes to re-scan as many times as you want. We do this to make sure there are no connection issues, interruptions, or anything preventing you from having a successful scan on the first try. After the 30 minute period, the tag will no longer present the proper message and it will notify you that the tag has been previously scanned, so contents can no longer be verified!. This is to ensure the security, and that the tags will not be re-used by anyone.

To take it a step further, if anyone tries to remove the tag from the product, the embedded antennas are designed to break so the tag will then be useless and not scan at all. This is to prevent anyone from trying to remove and re-use the tag onto different non-authentic products.

We always encourage our customers to reach out with any questions or concerns!