Our Story

How The Best, Most Innovative Site Enhancement Started!


Our team here at MediPhorm has spent the last 5 years creating an industry leading, innovative, safe+effective, and overall amazing Site Enhancement product to be utilized by athletes and fitness personnel from around the world. What started as a simple idea, turned into something game changing for a lot of athletes.

5 years ago in 2013 was where it all started. What started as a group of bodybuilders with passion, wits, and a need for a better product, sparked the idea of utilizing Hyaluronic Acid (HA) as a potential ingredient to help muscle growth. Hyaluronic Acid has been used for a great number of years for several different medical purposes within the medical community. Having a medical professional as a good friend and MediPhorm team member, we knew HA was a safe product to use. With the absorption, healing, and restoration properties of HA, along with the fact it has been used effectively as a filler for facial enhancement and other similar treatments for many years with amazing results, showed HA had real world benefits that have been proven with real world application.

In 2013, Site Enhancement products were all oil based and were relatively the same regardless of the brand or company. We have seen the horror stories, as I am sure you have too with Site Enhancement products gone VERY wrong. Now, I’m not saying all of those were caused from oil based products, but we all know oil based products can be dangerous to not only one’s health, but to your physique. It can be VERY noticeable that you are using an oil based site enhancement product, not to mention, there are MANY folks out there who used oil based products over 10+ years ago and still have deformities and issues with the areas they were applying to still to this very day.

We all knew we wanted NOTHING to do with any oil based products as a few of us tried them and quickly stopped using them. There had to be a better way, and there was. We developed a makeshift solution with some cheap HA we bought online just to see how it would turn out. We did NOT apply this as you normally would, we simply just made the solution to see how it would turn out visually. We then utilized medical grade HA which we were able to get from our team member who is a medical professional, and that had a much different consistency once placed in a solution. This was the start of the Original MediPhorm! We knew immediately we had something great on our hands and we were going to have an advantage over others on stage!

We started utilizing the product as we developed different solutions and did trial runs of each to see what worked the best for our purpose. There was a bucket list of variables to control but we focused on effectiveness and safety/sterilization of the product as that is most important. It was not as simple as it looks. The product is a fairly simple product by design, but actually designing it, was very difficult, time consuming, and very costly. This is probably why you don't see correct formulations being copied in our industry, but instead, cheap imitations just to make a quick buck on a booming category that we created.

This was never supposed to be any type of business but as the formulations got better and better, so did the results. When the results came, people wanted in, especially in the fitness community. Some of us will do ANYTHING to better our physiques. Obviously, with how costly this product was, we couldn’t give any away for people to try but luckily for us, people came with cash in hand ready to use this new stuff we didn’t even have a name for yet. They immediately loved it, and it spread very quickly in the local gyms. As selfish as this sounds, we never wanted to sell this, as this was a creation for us to use and to have an advantage when it came to stepping on stage. With the product being 100% legal here in the United States, we never had any issues talking about it openly, despite it falling under a taboo category of “Site Enhancement Oil, or SEO.”

3 years! It took us 3 years, A LOT of trial and error, time, and money to get the absolute PERFECT solution. That is when we decided to officially build a website and offer the product for sale. We launched and the first year of business we pulled a surprisingly large number of sales! Within the first 12 months, the demand spread around the world requiring us obtain distributors world-wide. We knew Europe had an import tax that was deterring customers away from ordering so that was our first focus as Europe's market for us is HUGE. Once we established our distributor there, our sales blew up from the Europeans. We were getting orders from countries we never even heard of before and wondering how on earth did they find out about us? We had zero advertising, other than being sponsored on a few podcasts. That is when we knew our product spoke for itself as the demand increased at such a significant rate with nothing more than word of mouth, a few podcasts, and repeat orders from the same customers over and over again.

Within that same 12 month period, we also established domestic distribution in Australia so that made 3 places where you could get MediPhorm domestically within the first year of business. These included the USA, Europe, and Australia but each of our distributors would ship to the closest country for orders outside of our domestic shipping zones. Our 2nd year in business more than doubled the first years numbers as far as sales, growth, and customers. We have thousands of customers in over 40 countries as we continue to rapidly expand. We created another version of MediPhorm called MediPhorm RL which stands for Rapid Loading. This new formulation was the perfect hybrid of utilizing the fullness and feeling of an oil based product but having the safety and effectiveness of our HA products.

As I write this, we are going on our 3rd year in business and we are starting to get a lot of re-sellers from around the world who want in on our growth, and frankly, I don’t blame them as now is the perfect time. MediPhorm is continuing to grow every day, not only in customer and sales volume, but in our teams knowledge and new product ideas as well.

We thank you for your continuous support and for being part of our MediPhorm family!